1. General

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to products purchased by you through the website www.themattresshub.in, the online mattress selling portal of Fabzone., a company registered under the Companies Act 1956.

1.2. By agreeing to purchase from this website, you acknowledge your acceptance to the terms and conditions mentioned herein and is, therefore, legally bound by the same. In case you are not in agreement with the terms and conditions, please do avoid making any purchases from this website.

2. The Website & Products

This website is a platform that enables online purchase of Mattress & accessories (Product) offered by Fabzone .

3. The Orders

3.1 Any orders generated through this website is a contract between you and Fabzone . we expect that the details you provide is accurate and complete with no misrepresentation. The Credit and Debit card details that you provide should be your own and should have sufficient funds to cover the purchase.

3.2 You order is subject to availability of products. Subsequent to your order, we will inform you through email about availability of the product. If the same is available, we will indicate you regarding the date and time of delivery and the payment details. On the other hand, if the goods are not available, we would inform you by email about its unavailability. You may decide to wait till it is available or cancel the order or place an order for a different product as the case may be.

4. Rates & Payments

The price of each product is listed on the website. However, the rates are subject to fluctuations. All rates are inclusive of all taxes and duties. Delivery charges are additional and will be added to your invoice.

4.1 On receiving our price confirmation, you must make the full payment through your Debit or Credit card, conversely you may make your payment by Debit or credit card on delivery of the goods at your doorstep.

5. Delivery of Goods

The despatch date and delivery dates accepted by us are approximate only as they are subject to delays in transportation of goods, which involves pickup of the goods from our go down and then delivery at the customer site. If the goods have not reached on the date mentioned kindly contact us over phone or by email. We will ensure that the material reaches you at the earliest.

6. Do’s and Dont’s

  • The website provides the opportunity to receive the goods ordered at your doorstep without you moving out of your house.
  • While in the process of browsing our website, you may be linked to other websites for more information. However, we have no control or responsibility for the information passed on by these websites.
  • Whilst browsing the website you are advised against omitting, deleting or misrepresenting information called for by us.
  • You are prohibited to send any derogatory or threatening messages to this website. In other words you have no right to disseminate messages through this website. Fabzone ., indemnifies itself from any such acts and will not be held responsible for any such acts on the part of the customer.
  • If there is any arbitration required during the course of our association it would be done as per law and will be held at the jurisdiction where we have our offices. The above terms and conditions or warranties shall be limited to the user/customer to abide and not for Fabzone or its entities.