Pregnancy Care Pillows

Pregnancy Care Pillows

Choose the right pillow during pregnancy

  • Proper Sleeping Position
  • It can help alleviate back pain
  • Belly Protection
  • Improve Sleep

It can help you maintain a comfortable sleep position

Pregnant women are no strangers to tiredness - hormonal changes, discomfort and insomnia can all lead to many restless, sleepless nights. Finding a comfortable sleeping position can be the key to finally getting some shut eye, and a pregnancy pillow can help you do just that.

The NHS recommends supporting your bump with pillows and putting a pillow between your knees for a bump-friendly sleep position. The Pregnancy Pillow is long and perfectly shaped to target both those areas at once. Keeping it between your legs may also help to keep you on your side and stop you from sleeping on your back.

It can help alleviate back pain

Back pain is a common ailment during early pregnancy. Why? Because the ligaments in your body are becoming softer and stretching to prepare you for labour, which can cause your lower back and pelvic joints to become painfully strained. This discomfort can not only affect your day-to-day activities, but it could impact your sleep too. A pregnancy pillow is just one of the things you can try to help minimise this pain.

Pillow has been specially designed to relieve pain - it adapts to your body and provides support where you need it most, be that your pelvis, abdomen, lower back, ankles and knees.

Belly Protection

The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is suitable for those who prefer sleeping on their back but cannot sleep in this position due to an increase in their belly size. It offers support to the entire body, including the tummy and the back.

Improve Sleep

We can’t stress this enough—you need sleep! Your body is going through so many changes, and so is your emotional state. Not getting the rest you’ve earned will only enhance every ailment you’re feeling. For the strongest and safest pregnancy possible, you need plenty of rest. A pregnancy pillow can help you fall asleep, and stay asleep for longer.

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  • Pratap

    We used pregnancy pillows for two of our kids and suggested to other mommies too.

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  • Rama Devi

    worth buying!..but price seems to be high!

  • Kancha mala

    very useful during pregnancy!.

  • Poornima Sampath

    Worth buying like Anitha said!..hey you can buy here at mattress hub they offer good quality..

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