Benefits of Sleeping Eye Masks?

Benefits of Sleeping Eye Masks?

Why do i need a Sleeping Eye Mask?

People need sleep masks for many reasons including suffering from insomnia, people who have to work at night and sleep during the day, and even people who are sick or staying in a place they are unfamiliar with.

Can a sleep mask help me sleep better?

Not only does sleeping in darker conditions increase melatonin production, but scientists have also discovered that dark sleeping conditions lead to increased time in REM sleep and decreased wakefulness

Are sleep masks safe for my skin?

It can be beneficial for protecting the delicate area around the eyes. The sleep mask serves as a protective layer between you and your pillow. If acne from a sleep mask is a concern, buy a mask made from 100% natural, breathable materials like cotton or silk, and wash it regularly with scent-free detergent and no fabric softener.

Blocks the Light?

An eye mask is perfect for times when you need to block out the light. Whether the sun comes in easily through your curtains, eye masks are the perfect way for you to get an undisturbed sleep without light waking you up.

Eye masks are the perfect accessory to take on a flight too. They will help you sleep on an aeroplane by blocking any lights and soothing you to sleep.

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  • Vasanth Ravi

    At first i thought it was just waste of money & marketing…later my buddy told to use it during the sleep…it was gud actually!….

  • Nithya R

    Yes!…i have been using this mask for a month makes my sleep easy and keeps my eyes cool!…

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