King Koil Orthomati DY

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With double comfort levels, its unique construction design is made with super high density (100) UltraBond core with multiple layers of different foams to give medium firmness on one side and medium soft on other side. Orthomatic DY supports most of the body types while being comfortable for a good quality sleep.

  • UltraBond Foam
  • Unique Design
  • Jacquard Fabric
  • Double Sided
  • High quality knitting with Jacquard Fabric for outer layer on both the sides.
  • Memory Foam Layer for better and relaxed body posture while sleeping.
  • Two inches of High Resilient Foam for better body and back support.
  • Super high density (100D) rebonded foam for a comfortable sleep on either side.
  • Two inches of Pure foam with 32D density to make the other side softer.
  • Another layer of softer Pure foam with lesser density to make the mattress softer yet comfortable.
  • Top layer of softer Pure foam on the softer side of the mattress to give you a softer experience the moment you lie down.