King Koil Signature

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Handcrafted Luxurious Mattress to add a hint of luxury to your bedroom. Constructed with pillowtop design for the immersive feeling moment you sleep on the bed. This body contouring mattress feels like your last visit to a 7 star suite room.

  • MicroPocket Springs
  • Jacquard Fabric
  • Designer Mattress
  • BodySink Foam
  • Top layer of mattress uses heavy GSM Damask Jacquard Fabric with pillowtop design.
  • Silicone Fiber is used in pillowtop quilting for a Feather touch experience.
  • BodySink Foam is added just after the pillowtop construction to give you the immediate immersive feeling.
  • 2nd Layer of BodySink Convoluted Foam is quilted with above layers with Damask Jacquard Fabric.
  • This layer of MicroPocket Springs is used for the best body contouring spring adding additional comfortableness.
  • High Density Hard Foam as edge support throughout the Perimeter of mattress & Ultra High Density Pocketed Springs core for body contouring effect.