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Quboid Qube Cell Technology Mattress

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Featuring Qube Cell Layer – a breakthrough sleep innovation, Quboid is foam engineering at its best. Built using a combination of high density and high resilient foam, the mattress gives you the twin benefits of plush feel and perfect body support, with the best air circulation because of its unique cube structure inside. Quboid also features our signature 3 Zoned Copper Infused NRG Layer that enables muscle relaxation for the most enriching sleep. It also features our Anti Stress Fabric for enhanced relaxation.

Sustainability Score: Quboid is made using fabric comprising 40% recycled yarns (from used PET bottles) along with recyclable packaging.


SKU: quboid-qube-cell-technology-mattress Categories: ,


* Qube Cell Technology

* 3 Zone Copper Infused NRG Layer

* Zero Motion Transfer

* Anti Stress Technology

* Fabric Comprises 40% Recycled Yarns

* 10 Years Warranty


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