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The city’s elegant history and distinctive emblem are synonymous with excellence worldwide. The virtuoso luxury mattress is a part of Magniflex’s collection, that combines luxury and refined fabrics, completing itself with the most prestigious natural fibers, with a goal to make your rest unique under the emblem of the Florentine Lily.


SKU: virtuoso Categories: ,


Height : 30 cm (12 Inch)
Fabric : Satin Viscose
Comfort Level : Medium soft
Product Benefits : Exclusive -Precious natural materials, Natural breathable material, Embracing Natural Thermo-regulating, Extra Comfort, 5 zone support, Airyform technology 
Internal Structure : Padding Winter side in Cashmere, Merino Wool, Camel hair wool, Horse hair; Layer in Memoform HD 4 cm, Elioform Breeze 19 cm, Memoform HD 4 cm, Padding Summer side in Silk, Linen, Horse hair, Cotton


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