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Kurlo Bond

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| Rubberised Coir
| Soft Foam Quilt
| Bonded Foam
| Firm Mattress Feel
| 7 Years Warranty


SKU: desire-top Categories: , ,


Kurlo Bond Mattress has a substantial layer of soft foam quilt, providing an indulgent and plush surface for a serene night’s rest. Wrapped in high GSM woven fabric, it not only exhibits a refined aesthetic but also ensures superior comfort throughout the night.The defining feature of this mattress lies in its meticulously engineered bonded foam, meticulously designed to deliver firm support. This sophisticated combination of softness and stability guarantees an optimal sleep experience, free from disturbances and conducive to profound rest.Redefine the standard of comfort with the Kurl-on Kurlo Bond Mattress for an unparalleled night of refined and undisturbed sleep.


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